Edelia Navarro, Editor

As the soccer season heats up, the OHS Boy’s Varsity team is gearing up for CIF and coming back to regain their 2013 CIF championship title. They have been working hard during the season with their record of 5-3-2.

The boys are not like any other team in their league; they are more than just a team. They are a family, on and off the field. They do not see each other as just teammates but as brothers. This bond has helped them improve their skills and become a stronger team.

When asked how confident he is in the team, head coach, Michael McCarson said, “I’m very confident this team, skill wise, can beat any team in our division. It all comes down to the day of the game and their mental focus, but as far as their skill they can beat any team, so I’m very confident in them.”

McCarson’s biggest motto for the team and himself is the concept #WeWork, which he adopted from the coach of the University of Michigan Basketball team. The meaning behind it is, that when you show up to play a sport its not about “I” its about “We”, as a team. It means that, no matter what happens, whether you are the most talented player or the weakest player out there, if you work hard you can make good things happen.

The motto “WeWork” has become a huge philosophy for McCarson and the team. McCarson says, “It’s kind of a mentality that I want my boys to have at all times, no matter where they are. We Work is our team spirit because, if you don’t work, you don’t succeed and that’s the bottom line. It does not matter how talented you are, if you don’t work, you can’t achieve success.”

In order for the team to be successful, McCarson needed to choose team players who he could trust to keep the team in order. McCarson came upon his decisions for captains was quite simple. He chose players from whom he knew would be mature and responsible enough to take on the huge leadership roles. Seniors Jose Soto and Fernando Lomeli are the captains of this years team. Soto, positive and confident in his team, says, “I don’t want to jinx anything but I’m confident we can go all the way from league to CIF and then state.”

After being knocked out early into the playoffs last year the OHS boys soccer team is coming back strong and confident to regain their CIF title. When asked how he felt about their season being cut short last year Soto said “We’re more motivated after losing last year. We got too confident last year which made us realize that we have to work harder this year to achieve more.”

The team continues fighting hard to earn the 2014-2015 CIF champion ring. The next CIF game of the season is February 25, come out and support your Varsity boys soccer team on their path to the title of CIF champs.