Winterline prepares for upcoming season

The OHS winterline is in the midst of their season, showing slight improvement in comparison to previous years.

Despite the quality of talent demonstrated , the OHS winterline has only been existence for two years. While the previous coach had intentions of starting the winterline program, it was not until Jonathan Wicks replaced the old coach that they were able to actually start the program.

Wicks  saw potential in the musicians and their drive and began by placing them in the  American Drum Line Association (ADLA) circuit. However, the ADLA was an easier circuit and once Wicks began to see that there was potential,  moved them to a higher performance  circuit where it is highly competitive, increasing the number of competitors to 130 schools. What makes the circuit more difficult in the amount of schools that are able to move on, only 12 of the 130 are able to move on.

The OHS winterline is comprised of two parts: drumline and pit. Winterline practices are held Mondays and Thursday after school from 3:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m, making it difficult to practice as the winter days lose daylight quickly. This poses a challenge in itself, compared to last year where they had an actual class which allowed to start practicing earlier.

The winterline consists solely of drumline and pit, increasing the level of difficulty in which they are being judged on. Since it is a smaller group,  it is their job to perform to the best of their potential as individual  mistakes are seen more clearly by the judges.

This year’s show is on is titled “Connexus” and it focuses on the way humans interact in non-verbal ways through gestures and looks. They are given their show by a staff that focuses on choreographing a show that is not only pleasing to  the eye, but also convey meaning through the show that they have chosen to perform.

In order to join winterline, students audition must meet the  expectations that are set, and anyone can join as long as they are willing to put forth the dedication.

Winterline faces many obstacles, one of them being the lack of funds and the increasing expense to compete. Their fees include painting for their floor, transportation, and getting uniforms. However, they are determined to surpass the obstacles and become highly competitive in order to move on.