Carolina Madrigal, Staff Writer

Profanity has become a norm in many of our daily conversations so much that we sometimes forget it is inappropriate. We tend to use it in the ‘heat of the moment’, in conversation between friends, and sometimes without even consciously knowing that we are using vulgar language. However, the use of profanity can lead to trouble, as we are used to saying it around our friends and then we often forget the situation is different with adults.

Many adults do not expect to hear such vulgar language from teens and therefore it gives them a bad impression of the type of character you have. The use of curse words should not define who you are as person, but there are many who will judge you based on it. There’s a time when it’s okay to use it, but we must also recognize when not to.

Using of profanity in your daily conversations can lead to more problems at school, in the workplace, or at home. In many jobs using profanity can lead to discipline or suspension from work and even termination.

Knowing when it is acceptable to use it and when you shouldn’t will help avoid many uncomfortable situations. Know the limits because the consequences can have an impact on your future.