Trivia Cracked!

Keven Michel, Staff writer

Trivia games are all fun and games but how smart can they make you? You might as well take out your phone and start a quick game of Trivia Crack with your friends. Each round gives you another challenge to answer a trivia question about history, sports, art, or entertainment….What you may not know are the effects of trivia questions on your IQ.

According to the East Portland Blog, research by one of the bloggers shows, learning trivia helps improve short term and long term memory. This is because the new information is creating more connections to your recent memory by recalling short term trivia questions.

The study also found that solving trivia questions can help the frontal lobe- the front part of the brain responsible for creating neurons- by giving it challenging activities.  As much as you want to skip the difficult questions, challenging yourself is vital to reducing the risk of long-term memory loss and improve you ability to think more quickly.

Not everyone will receive the same results. However, it is important to keep the brain healthy. In addition, challenging your brain once in a while is beneficiary. Stay sharp and keep on playing trivia!