Freedom of Speech

Keven Michel, Staff Writer

Freedom of speech is a right that can not be abused nor silenced. Free speech is a way for citizens to obtain information and speak freely on anything, including their own government. From Voltaire to the First Amendment, citizens have issued that freedom of speech is a right that cannot be taken away.


Many of the people who challenge their ability to speak freely, are journalists.They, are at the frontline of breaking news and act as the investigators and informers for our society. Some journalist even risk their lives to deliver a story. A journalist’s freedom of speech is a tool and, for some, even a weapon. Most articles or stories could lead to potential of swaying opinion, some breakthrough stories could be informative to the reader. Since most articles or stories have the potential of swaying public opinion.

Freedom of speech has also given citizens, not just journalists, the ability to speak their opinions in society. Without our freedoms protected by the first amendment, we would be silenced with no choice of stating our opinion on a topic. So when you celebrate national Journalism week from February 23 through the 27, be aware of the glorious right you have to speak freely.