Illiteracy impact

Esmeralda Adame, Staff Writer

Studies have shown that about 900 million people are illiterate, according to

Illiteracy has an impact on everyone because it can lead to an increase in poverty, gender inequality, and it is costly for the economy.Not being able to read and write will affect up to the little things in life since these are some of the basic skills necessary for modern life.

It has been estimated that about 2/3 of those who are illiterate are women thus, making it difficult for women to be seen as an equal which can lead to gender inequality.

Illiteracy has an economic effect as well, it costs roughly about 225 billion a year for the U.S. alone due to the loss tax revenue, crime, and a non-productive workforce, according to

People with low literacy levels are also more likely to earn less and experience poverty in their life time.

Illiterate citizens tend to not be involved politically and socially due to their lack of knowledge. Not being able to participate in these matters takes away the individual’s voice.

California is currently ranked 27th out of 205 ranked countries according to