Sadies 2015


Marisol Sabra, Staff Writer

A mechanical bull, fantastic music, unlimited Photo Booth and drinks! Sadie’s 2015 was a hog-killin’ time, if you ask me.

There was some confusion as to why there was not a second dance floor. Unfortunately due to lack of ticket sales, the turnout wasn’t large enough for two separate dance floors but there was still two DJs as promised.

Let’s see what some of our fellow jags had to say about this year’s Sadies…

“There was two little people, and what happened to the second dance floor?” -Timothy Pinedo. Sadie’s rating: 5/10

“Turn down for what?” -Roy Pizano. Sadies rating: 9/10

“I love the atmosphere, it’s great” –Myvette Gonzalez. Sadie’s rating:10/10

“I wish more people showed up but other than that, there’s such a good vibe.” –Annette Virgin. Sadie’s rating: 10/10

“This is my first dance and it’s amazing!” –Eli Orozco. Sadie’s rating:10/10

“It’s outside, it feels fresh and the music is great.” –Jessica Joaquin. Sadie’s rating: 9/10

“I wish more people were here but it’s turnt.” –Uriah Blackwell. Sadie’s rating: 8/10

“Set-up wise, this is by far the greatest Sadies we’ve ever had,” – Mr. Rook.

ATC (company who set up sadies) crewmember , Eddie Lehman, says, “Despite ticket sales, it looks amazing and the kids are having a blast.”

After asking 80 Sadie’s student participants, what they would rate Sadies 2015 on a scale of 1 to 10, the average rating was at Goldstrikin’ …8! Senior, Alejandro Carrillo, even rated the dance a 20 out of 10. Ain’t that a hoot?

Most everyone who went to Sadies had a blast and the dance was an overall success. Next year lets shoot for that 10/10!