Bathroom lockout

Sheyla Barajas, Staff Writer

Lots of our Jags like to stay, but there is one flaw to staying after school: the restrooms. Ever stay after school and need to go for an emergency but can never find one restroom to be open. Could it be the new lock systems that we have or could it just be that we are staying too long after school. But our teachers and other staff at Ontario High tell us and try to convince to try and stay after school and communicate with other students on our campus.

“….Thats usually where the activities are going on and we like to keep the kids in one area.” says AP Secretary Ms.Sturgil

After school they have the gym bathrooms open for both girls and boys only.The other bathrooms on campus are closed for safety precautions.

“….They take that opportunity when no ones around and when the crowd is over; they take the opportunity to go over there and tag or something.”

Staff on campus would like to know where students on campus are when they need to go to use the restroom. In the mornings they have the A building boys restroom open and the B building girls restroom. During lunch they have gym bathrooms for boys and girls open. There no more worries for those that stay after school the gym bathrooms will be open for students on campus.