Brisk VS Soda: What’s the Damage?

Brisk VS Soda: What's the Damage?

Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

Most people you may ask say Brisk Ice Tea is healthier than soda in general, but is it true? The way to find this answer is by examining the label on the nutrition facts. Let’s take Pepsi, for example, and see how much caffeine is in Pepsi in comparison to Brisk Ice tea. Pepsi on average has about 36-37 grams of caffeine and Brisk has on average 9 grams. Brisk has 0g Total Fat, 0mg of Cholesterol, 97mg Sodium, and 37.4g of Sugar. The calories are dangerously high at 135 calories, compared to Pepsi which has around 94 calories per serving. Pepsi’s Nutrition facts consist of 0g Total Fat, 0mg of Cholesterol, 25.6g of sugars. Look what we have here, a wolf in a sheep’s clothing some may say because although brisk seems like the healthier choice; Pepsi on one hand is a healthier alternative compared to Iced Tea.

List of Sodas that are healthier than brisk (not including variations)

  • Coca Cola
  • Sprite
  • Mountain Dew
  • Sangria (without alcohol)
  • Shasta Club Soda

Even Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are healthier than Brisk Iced tea, and those are horrible for the body, so what might brisk do to your body? (View The Dangers of Hot Cheetos for more information here.