Lab Cats

Aryana Carino, Staff Writer

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Our Anatomy students dissect cats towards the end of the school year. Students know when this lab takes place due to the strong smell in the hallway.  Some students who don’t take the class wonder where they get the cats from, or if they’re found dead or alive.

Sophomore, Emily Hoang, assumes they come from shelters, “They probably take already deceased cats from animal shelters,” Hoang says, “It’s for a learning purpose so I think it’s okay.” On the other hand, an anonymous student says, “They probably steal them off the streets because that’s where they are found most,” the student continues on to say, “I think it’s wrong that they do that, it’s terrible.. Even if it’s dead, how could they do that to a poor animal.”

Mr. G, the Anatomy teacher, clarifies that he buys them from a catalog, Wards Science, and he, in fact, does not steal them off the street. They come packaged and preserved specifically for lab use only.