Racism in Hollywood


Carolina Madrigal, Staff Writer

There have been many people who have expressed the belief that the movie industry in Hollywood tends to be discriminatory against certain ethnic groups. Many believe that movies based on other cultures are portrayed with little representation of the actual culture. For example movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings is an Egyptian movie, the actors are mainly Caucasian, while historically, the figures would have been Egyptian and Jewish.

However, a movie that caused controversy over social media was Annie, in which an African American girl plays the main role, which used to be played by a Caucasian girl in the 1982 film. Many people were upset about the role; however others were glad to see a change of representation in the industry.

Is the Hollywood industry changing and beginning to show a wider representation of other ethnic groups?

Another controversy on social media was the 2015 Oscars in which the majority of the nominees were of Caucasian descent, yet a Mexican director won best film.

Although some argue that there is not enough representation in the industry others will argue that there is a growing progress in representation.

However, if people truly want the industry to change the way it portrays characters, an easy way for people to incite change, is to show support for those television shows and movies that portray diverse ethnicity.