Tapping into water

Esmeralda Adame, Staff Writer

A family from Gardena, California reported a problem on January 26 in their home, where the tap water was coming out as black sludge.

The family described it as having a “strange odor.” They called the city of Gardena to notify them of the incident, and the city provided cases of bottled water for the family, as well as a plumber to fix their tap water problem.

There have been other families from the same neighborhood with similar tap water problems. According to the Golden State Water Company the incident was the result of a reporting violation and not the water quality.

Kate Nutting, of the Golden State Water Company told the KTLA news in a phone interview that “the water is safe to use and even [safe] for drinking.” They test it on a weekly basis.

In Ontario, the city keeps our water safe by source protection, receiving municipal water, and water test, according to www.ontario.ca. The water is protected by certain regulations that have been made to keep the drinking water safe. We receive municipal water from hundreds of miles away, across state lines to our homes, using large water transferring systems. The city also  constantly testing the water samples.