Editorial: Sentenced due to the Silver Screen

Editorial: Sentenced due to the Silver Screen

Stefania Cordoneanu , Staff Writer


Editorial: Sentenced due to the Silver Screen


Movies seem to influence the way we think about the world around us. Take for example a movie like Blackfish. When  Blackfish aired, people suddenly went up in arms against SeaWorld, proclaiming that how they were treating the orcas wasn’t fair and that it was abuse.

Now, the movie American Sniper seems to be doing the same thing. The movie was supposed to tell the story about a NAVY Seal sniper, now deceased, and his time in the Iraq war.  After seeing the movie many  took to Twitter and wrote racist things about Muslims.

Other movies like Fifty Shades of Grey have also had a major  influence. There is a case involving a man,Mohammad Hossain, 19, who is in jail awaiting trial for sexually assaulting a 19 year old woman, saying they were re-interpreting the movie. Hossain’s lawyer said in his defense that the act was consensual and that “Hossain had been involved with several UIC leadership programs, was a student ambassador to the Alumni Association, and was on the triathlon team.”(Chicago Tribune)

Muslims, as wells as others, are crying foul and saying that this movie has declared an open season on Muslims and that it resurfaces the hate for Muslims.

Movies that influence our society sometimes become pop culture ideals and integrate themselves into our everyday life. Many are influenced by what they see on the big silver screen.

Both  recent movies have  greatly influenced society, whether negatively or positively, we should be able to differentiate what is on the silver screen and reality.