Foreign language week extravaganza


Carlos Rivera

Students playing a friendly game of soccer.

Carlos Rivera, Staff Writter

The Foreign Language Department at OHS has decided to celebrate Foreign Language week, from March 9-13. The students participated and experienced in Spanish and French activities, such as poetry and music as well as participated in a soccer game against the Foreign Language teachers.

Spanish II and AP Spanish teacher, Mr. Marquez stated, “[We are] trying to promote the foreign languages here at OHS and give the students an opportunity to participate in contests and get more in tune with the language and culture.”

Throughout the week, events were planned so that the students were exposed to the different aspects of the Spanish and French culture.

Kicking off the first day of Foreign Language Week was an assembly held in the auditorium that consisted of performances by the students.

Wednesday was an arts and crafts day where the students were able to express the Spanish and French cultures.

Thursday, during both lunches, the participating students played a soccer game against other students and on Friday, the last day of the celebration, the students played an intense soccer game against the Foreign Language teachers.

Throughout the week, there was also a poetry contest and cultural experiences within the foreign language classrooms.

If you missed Foreign Language Week this year, you will have to wait until next year, but why only celebrate foreign languages for one week? Celebrate foreign languages every day!