Indications of a healthy teacher-student bond

Vanessa Lopez, Editor

Students: ever walk through a hallway and pass by a teacher wondering if you should wave to them? Teachers, do you ever see your students outside of campus and wonder if you should say “hello”? The answer may signal a key part in your relationship with your teacher or pupil.

Other than the in-class interaction provided, one might say it is difficult to establish any kind of relationship with a teacher. There may be a greeting at the start of class and possibly a piece of anecdotal or humorous talk here and there. Generally speaking, it is a mystery as to how one can develop a rapport with a teacher.

Students are in a classroom to learn and those who are on task signal respect for the teacher’s job. Likewise, a teacher has respect for a student simply because of the fact that they are a powerful force in a student’s future. Now you see how creating a good teacher-student dynamic is so necessary. Unfortunately, this is but the first step to building trust. It requires a greater effort to become more acquainted with your teacher.

When asked how she managed to become more friendly with her teachers, senior Miana Yanez said, “I think it starts with you showing them that you have an actual interest in their subject. Students should ask questions when they have them and remember that teachers did not become teachers because they hate kids.”

It may be that outside conversation is necessary. We often forget that students and teachers- or any staff or faculty member- are also human. Their lives do not revolve around biology homework or test scheduling. They too like to be asked about their day. But it is important to understand the fine line between a good rapport and disrespect. Yanez explained, “I only think a student should not get so comfortable that their jokes and comments are borderline disrespectful.”

Cracking a joke may lighten up the mood and allow you to open up to your teacher, but disrupting the class to do it or simply saying something inappropriate can risk any good opinion your instructor has for you.

Junior English teacher Mr. McConnell gave his side of the discussion saying, “ I have to model good behavior, develop trust, and then not do or say things to hurt that trust.”

Regardless, keep in mind that each teacher is unique and may be more or less open to different relations. It is, nonetheless, a matter of mutual respect.


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