Restroom restrictions



An Ontario High Student in need of the restroom, sadly its locked.

Rodolfo Varela, Saf Writer

Have you ever needed to use the restroom in the new building, but once you reach for the door handle and it does not budge? You may ask yourself why it is usually always locked, well the reason being that staff does not want the restroom to be ruined so early for the building.

There is a number of ways for you to have permission to use the downstairs restrooms. One way; you can ask a teacher to go open the restroom for you by asking a T.A or by escorting you themselves if they’re comfortable with the class. Also, you can ask a Campus Officer to use their card to open the restroom for you and wait for you to enter and exit.

In case you were wondering, now you know why the restrooms are locked and how you can access them.