Does this music taste bad?


Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

If you like listening to music on the internet, you are more than likely to see fights going on in the comment section about the music. This usually leads to the argument that “you just have a bad taste in music.”

This is not actually possible because one way or another music taste can not be bad, it can only be different. If you think your music is a bit strange and you are afraid of someone judging  you, do not worry about it because it is likely that someone shares the same views on that music as you do. You should not be ashamed of the music you enjoy listening to!

Senior Stephanie Rodriguez usually likes to listen to The Weekend and Front Porch Step. When asked about bad tastes in music, she responded “I think there is if you listen to paisa music. I don’t think [people] should be ashamed because everyone is unique, that simply defines them.”

Honestly, no one should be ashamed of their taste in music because someone somewhere will have the exact same one as you.