Birth control-whose choice is it?

Kathy Martinez, Staff Writer

Should teenage girls be allowed to take birth control without parent permission? It should always be the decision of the person who is taking the pills, not of the parents or guardian. However, that does not mean to take birth control without parent awareness.

Many can argue that teenage girls should not be engaging sexual intercourse in the first place. However, if they are, it is important to teach teenage girls about having safe sex. Birth control, along with other contraception lowers teen pregnancies. “86 percent of the decline in teen pregnancy rates through 2002 occurred because teens were using contraceptives better (Santelli et al., 2007). This figure is even higher than analyses from earlier years that found that from 47 to 80 percent of the decline could be attributed to improved contraceptive use (Santelli et al., 2004; Saul, 1999),” according to

Parents, however, should have the right to know if their daughter is taking birth control. It is important to practice safe sex as soon as the teenage girls are having sex. This includes other types of contraception, such as ‘Emergency Contraception”, also known as the “morning-after”.

According to, “EC [Emergency Contraception] is safe, effective, and easily self-administered; it is suitable for over-the-counter use by all women.”

Birth control and other contraception is not an encouragement of sex, but rather, safe sex.