Ringworm in the Ring


Daniel Vergara, Staff Writer

Wrestlers at Ontario High school are at  risk of obtaining ringworm from the unsanitary mats.

The mats that the wrestlers use to practice on and to wrestle become contaminated with fungi, when they are not cleansed.

Because an accumulation of sweat over time, fungi can appear on the mats. When the the wrestlers get into contact with the fungi they may get ringworm: a skin disease producing round scaly patches on the skin. This particular fungus feeds on perspiration and dead skin cells.

The bacteria that causes ringworm, can be transported through the fingernails of wrestlers, and can be easily passed onto those who come into contact with them, especially those with weak immune systems.

Although ringworm is a contagious disease, it is not serious and can be easily treated. In order to prevent ringworm the mats are washed every day prior to practice with a sodium hypochlorite solution, in addition to being washed.