A Recruit’s Story

Gabriel Martinez, Staff Writer

It starts when you talk to a recruiter. Basic training then shortly follows. You look up to see bullets firing at you. You blink and find yourself lying on the dirt floor with your fellow brothers.

A person in uniform experiences harsh conditions with many great rewards. There are many factors for which an individual decides to join. The honor of serving your country and giving back is most prominent among young adults. They feel that their country has given them so much and they simply want to return the favor.

A service member’s length of commitment depends on the Service brand. Most first turn commitments tend to be four years of Active-duty. Active-duty is not a 24 hour job. Service members have time off similar to people with civilian jobs.

During this time of Active-duty, service members will have to go through Basic Training. But nothing is basic about his training.

Recruits engage in intense physical training as well as extensive learning periods. Once their Basic Training is completed, they should report to their specific school to train in their Military Occupation Speciality(MOS).

After achieving proficiency in their designated MOS, a recruit will be assigned to a unit. This unit will continue to train until their deployment.

Service members are not only deployed in times of war. They can be deployed to provide support in non combat areas, perform foreign humanitarian missions, or domestically to help with disaster relief. For example, the U.S. military provided service during the disaster reliefs of the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima Earthquake.

Serving our country is a risky choice which is why the US government provides such great benefits for those who have served. They are provided with health benefits (as well for their family), housing allowances, education benefits, and countless others.