Polynesian Club


Aryana Carino, Staff Writer


The Polynesian Club at Ontario High School is growing! With twenty-three members, the boys and girls of the club hope to introduce a different kind of culture to our school.

Mr. Sencion is the Polynesian’s club’s adviser. They have three captains, Juniors Talia Morrison, Destiny Lee, and Vanessa Elias. They hold practices twice a week, and every day after school when they have upcoming performances.

Talia Morrison says, “Polynesians can be hard to find in Ontario but we want to celebrate our culture and share it with others.”┬áThe club embraces their culture by eating lots of local Hawaiian food, listening to popular Hawaiian music, and of course, dancing.

Morrison goes on to explain how the club hopes to host a cultural festival, “…so other cultures can show off what makes them special and to show Ontario that our school is actually very diverse.”

Their plans for next year are to teach the language to their members so that they feel more connected to the club they are representing.

Current members are also hoping to bring in lots of newcomers next year and continue the club. They look for people with positive attitudes, a desire to learn, and respect for the culture.