Time has changed

Photographic credits :https://www.computerblog.ro/dan/despre-smart-watch-produse-tendinte.html

Photographic credits :https://www.computerblog.ro/dan/despre-smart-watch-produse-tendinte.html

Keven Michel, Staff Writer

A smartwatch is more than just a wristwatch, it is going beyond and now providing computerized features.

Essentially, a smart watch is a companion to the smart phone. It connects to your phone and provides your watch with helpful notifications. Most smart watches work via bluetooth and use the phone’s wireless connection to gain quick information, such as, weather reports, phone calls, sport updates or text messages. However, when you cut that connection, your smartwatch reverts to an ordinary watch.

A Palo Alto based company, Pebble, developed a watch that carries multiple features. The battery of the watch lasts seven days, is waterproof and has popular apps-like ESPN, Evernote and Pandora.

Other smartwatch  makers like Motorola promise a watch design with different features.

As more and more companies join in to design their own smartwatch, each defines the way a smartwatch is used.

For instance, Apple is promising with its newest product, the Apple Watch, to differentiate itself and become more than just a notification buzzer on your wrist. Apple wants to get “personal” with its consumer and offers a variety of features of its own, such as, messaging, maps and fitness.

As more companies begin to fill the smartwatch pool with more variety, consumers can get a hand at these new developed products. However, before you rush to your nearest Best Buy, some smart-watches can be as cheap as $150 and exceed pass $10,000.