Teaching Styles

Lynh Nguyen, Editor

Teachers today all have a different schedule or style that they follow throughout the school year. Every class will vary based on the type of class and the goals the teacher hopes to accomplish for his/her students. Some teachers choose to follow a strict schedule in order to fit all the curriculum in an entire year. Other teachers are more lenient with their schedule, attempting to plan a schedule that suits the student’s needs and capabilities.

For the higher level classes, such as honors and AP classes, teachers will focus more on preparing their students for college level work [and the AP test].

Mr. De Jong, the economics and government teacher, focuses on a teaching style that gives his students a well-rounded knowledge on the subject. In terms of his schedule, he says “It would be wonderful if I could focus on each individual student, but the reality of the situation is I have 76-80 students, and the material has to be covered in a timely manner or there won’t be enough time to prep them for the test” He knows that students will fall through cracks, but as a teacher, he has to consider the trade-off and opportunity cost with his schedule.

Mr. Stafford, the physics teacher, says “I try to always give time in class for students to help each other grow in the material. I also try to fit as many activities into the curriculum as I can, so that students have opportunities to apply what they have learned and develop a deeper understanding.” Stafford also understands how overwhelming class can be and says, “There are some days where I feel I could have done a better job preparing for my classes.  In those times, I imagine what it is like for the students in my class, and can tell that many of them probably felt overwhelmed.”

As a physics teacher, Stafford’s main goal in teaching is to encourage students to appreciate physics; He wants to prepare his students for college. This can also be seen in other subjects as well. Many teachers will focus on teaching style that will encourage students and prepare them for college.

However, students are going to have to adjust to different teaching styles throughout their high school career. An important piece of advice that teachers are constantly giving in class is to be proactive in seeking help. Most teachers understand that there will be students who get behind in class and cannot easily adjust to a different class. This is why it is vital to ask for questions and/or help. This is what teachers are there for.

Although teachers may be different, they all have a similar goal in doing whatever is necessary to help their students be successful.