Dyeing for die


Vanessa Lopez, Editor

Some call it beauty treatment; others, a necessity for their vanity. Many find it to be a medium of art and self-expression. For others, it is a profession. For those who associate hair dyeing with Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake, this may come as a shock.

Not only has hair dyeing been occurring for the past century, but it has been traced all the way back to Egyptian culture. Henna, a chemical that was found in the hair and skin of many mummies, was believed to be a chemical for preservation, but was actually discovered to be a way of showcasing wealth and beauty.

The mummy of Queen Hatshepsut from 1458 B.C., for instance, was discovered to contain orange dye in her hair.

At the same time, it was also discovered that the mummy was a natural red-head– a sign that even the ancient Egyptians used dye hair to alter the aging process. Yet, henna use might also have been for the purpose of ceremony or ritual, explains the website, Henna by Sienna.

With constant pop culture influence, it is no wonder so many have taken on the practice of dyeing their hair. The recent ombre-ing of hair,in addition to bleaching, has become more prominent. What with Kylie Jenner’s green tips and YouTube star Tyler Oakley’s signature pastel-colored hair, the influence has doubled.

This implies that, not only will some grow to dye their locks because of gray hair, but they will have an even greater reason to dye or bleach their hair for stylish purposes. This could be a sign that our society will move on to a point where color dyeing will be as common as putting on make-up.

Those who dabble in the art of dyeing their hair can give testimony to the transforming beauty process. Whether at home or at a salon, the use of dyeing excites the masses.

Senior Miriam Morales, who admits to dyeing her hair at least once a month says, “Dyeing hair is a way some individuals make themselves feel more confident and if dyeing hair makes guys and ladies more confident, they should do it! It also makes each individual different than their peers: it’s a way to find your own identity in your own way.”

With a full canvas on your head, it is no wonder so many have begun to color their follicles. It is very likely that a color change will add a statement to an appearance and perhaps distinguish you from another. Hence, has color treatment be regarded beyond its vain purposes.

With proof of this persisting trend, it is likely that hair dyeing will trek on.

(Picture credit: Vanessa Lopez)