Nike SB Corporate Evil

Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

Nike SB is the branch of Nike that revolves around skateboarding, such as branches they have for Golf, Football and even Soccer. There have been many reasons to believe that Nike is just ruining the skateboarding community as a whole, when they choose to compete with core “skater-owned” companies, like Huf, Emerica, and Filament Brand shoes.

The only way they are affecting skateboarders negatively is through the over-priced shoes that run at about $79-$120 for a simple suede shoe with a swoosh logo on it. In comparison a shoe of the same quality from Emerica costs about $59-$70; although, Nike usually happens to have superior quality to most skateboarding shoes on the market. There are some competitors which are also corporate, but are producing gear on a smaller scale such as New Balance Numeric, Vans, Adidas Skateboarding, Lakai ltd, as well as éS Skateboarding.

People today still believe that Nike simply wants to kill skateboarding, when in reality they simply want to give skateboarders a better life, one where they can take care of their families with ease instead of struggling with a smaller brand or company. They also paid for the reconstruction of a famous spot which was also a no skateboarding zone for years.

Another argument for this is that some professional skateboarders survive on smaller brands, but usually they have a high stake in the brand such as owning the brand or having your own pro-model. Other than these difficult-to-reach positions in a company, there is nothing you can do about getting paid enough to support a family other than work a job and skate.

As much stuff as Nike has to handle from the Skateboarding community they still have something going on for them through all the professionals supporting them through advertisements.