Just read it


Ivan Ledgard, Staff Writer

There has been a recent internet phenomenon which has sparked many humorous parodies, and has received much attention virtually on every media site.

It is a video of none other than Shia Labeouf, standing in front of a green screen and making all sorts of unusual body gestures, all while giving a motivational speech. The video was published on May 27, 2015 on Youtube, and its popularity has steadily increased since then.

The presence of a green screen has allowed people all over the web to create their own parodies with ease.

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so JUST DO IT!”

These powerful words equate to more than a simple “meme”. Although he does make some odd gestures throughout the video, that doesn’t undermine the importance of the message.

It is readily apparent that he is trying to influence people to complete a course of action to achieve their goals that they need or want to do, be it something as simple as a homework assignment, or accomplishing a resolution.

Labeouf reminds us all that procrastination is our worst enemy.

The video is more than just a celebrity screaming at the camera, and if you take the time to analyze Labeouf’s words without being distracted by the video, you can see that too.