Little Library


Juliana Lopez, Staff Writer

Lisa Westenbroek, created a “bring a book, take a book” exchange called the “Little Free Library” in her front yard on Philadelphia and Oaks.

  The Little library is a book exchange for everyone who wants to give away used books to people who want them. This book exchange has a unique, personal touch, and an understanding that real people share their favorite books within the community. A  piece of neighborhood art that functions like a mini town square.

  Lisa, the creator of the “little library” was given this idea after visiting her hometown, Wisconsin , where there was “little free Libraries in many of the front yards and decided to have something quirky and cheerful also. Lisa called up her friend in Wisconsin, who created the wooden box that held the books for her and in month of July, the box was up and running.

 Lisa says that many wonder whether anyone can take a book and if you take a book, Do you really have to “bring a book”?She says that they really don’t have, but in order to keep the “little library with good choices, bring a few books to share and anyone can contribute to the book exchange..

She states that many don’t believe that the book are really free, that many cautiously open the box, but the books really are free.

 Various “little free library” are located around the world and are making an impact in many ways. These little boxes are encouraging reading in a fun way, and giving communities access to books. You just have to  get creative.