Dress code

Karina Carabez, Staff Writer

Girls at our school can not wear exactly what they would like to.  A big topic of discussion at OHS concerns girls at school from being prohibited to wear spaghetti strapped shirts or dresses. The strap of your shirt must be two inches wide and if not obeyed there are consequences like being called up to the office and  being told to change into P.E. gear. Many argue that girls should be able to wear these types of shirts because that is what they desire and the reasons why they can not concerns them. Now that OHS has Mr. Hansen, the dean of discipline and apart of administration, what are his views and opinions?

Issues with the school’s dress code are still unclear. Questions build up on why these dress code policies exist and why girls have to “cover up.” According to the Student Handbook, “Clothing that is revealing is not allowed.” Such as backless outfits, plunging necklines and tank tops the straps have to be a minimum of two inches wide. However, students have commented on this specific issue. A senior at OHS, Arlette Baez says, “It gets hot during the summer and I don’t see how a thin strap can be a distraction.” Another senior student named Corina Nuno said “most fashion trends are mainly thin strapped and wearing what we want to wear is our personal choice.”

Mr. Zaldivar believes “Anything that distracts us from learning needs to be addressed because the goal is to learn. Anything that is not allowed is because it is a distraction.” Once he was informed about the definition of body shaming he said he wasn’t too familiar with that term but he said that it’s not personal. Mr. Hansen was familiar with body shaming and said ” I don’t think the dress code addresses body shaming at all. It’s just an uniform standard so that every student is asked to abide by.”

The dress code policy is something girls at our school sometimes have trouble understanding because a thin strap should still mean that you get the same respect as someone who has a long sleeve. Some find it unfair, but this dress code policy is common in other schools and the best we can do is avoid spaghetti straps so from now on this policy is something that has to be obeyed.