Are you listening?


Abraham Rivera

When wearing headphones you could miss out on important conversations that your friends have.

Abraham Rivera, Staff Writer

Everyday at Ontario high school, students wear headphones during school and even during conversations but, headphones can be a serious safety danger.Because of this, our campus officers tell us to remove our headphones; they know what can happen to students when we do not pay attention.

According to Officer Tandy, he usually sees 10-15 students a day with headphones, and tells 5-6 students that they need to take off their headphones. But if the student does not hear him, he would gesture at them to take their headphones off. He does this because he wants to keep us safe. One time I saw a student with headphones on almost get hit by a car, all because he was not paying attention to what was in front of him states Tandy. Headphones are not only a safety issue; they are also a social issue. freshman, Alexis Gonzalez,” I find it a bit rude and annoying, but I can not control someone else’s actions,but at the same time, I feel like they really do not care enough for me if they have headphones on …they are not paying attention to me.”

Headphones are used for entertainment, like listening to music or watching a video.Or maybe someone just wants some alone time.But headphones can make you seem unapproachable and a bit rude. Just think about others and yourself before pressing play.