Locker Lockdown


Daniel Flores, Staff Writer

  1. 4. 3. 2. 1. Time’s up, clear the area!

In the first five minutes of lunch, students cannot access their locker. Officer Tandy states, “It is to keep the students in one area so they [the officers] don’t have an eye everywhere.” This policy is intended to keep the students safe. Being able to see everyone ensures the safety of the students.

The new policy started this year when Mr. Hansen, our Assistant Principal of Discipline, told officers to apply this rule to their routine.

Tandy said, “This rule was always a rule, but is now strictly enforced starting [at] the beginning of this school year.”

He described this rule as “Letter of the Law” and the “Spirit of the Law.” The “Letter of the Law” is a literal interpretation while the “Spirit of the Law” is the intended effect of the rule on a group.

He compared this reference to tinted windows. By the law, people are not supposed to have tinted windows in the passenger and driver windows, but by the spirit of the law, people still tint their windows and are not usually assigned tickets if the tint is deemed light enough to be safe. Students knew that they were not supposed to pass the yellow line during lunchtime, but since no one got into trouble, they simply did what they wanted.

Officer Tandy only allows students to go around the locker area if the locker is within a few feet of him or if the student is going back to class. Although some students have expressed a dislike for this rule, it is for the safety of the students.