2:21 p.m.


Megan George, Staff Writer

There are a variety of activities that students at OHS participate in after school including sports, clubs and fine arts. According to students, all of these activities require an immense amount of time and effort, and can be both beneficial and harmful.

“I’ve been involved in soccer at school since my freshmen year, so three years,” said Vanessa Colin, junior and captain of the girl’s soccer team. “I spend around 2 to 3 hours after school practicing almost every day. This affects my school work greatly because I arrive home tired… and my work doesn’t always come out to its full potential. Also, I end up losing sleep because I have to finish all of my work. However, soccer does make me try harder in school because I have to attempt to balance school work with my sport. It also teaches me important skills like teamwork and how to communicate with other people.” Colin is not the only Jaguar that spends a lot of time in extracurriculars after school.

Therek Romo, junior and member of the cross country team and the choir and drama clubs, said, “ I spend a few hours after school every day for cross country and after school Tuesdays and Fridays for choir and drama club. As we get deeper into the year, we start meeting more frequently which has its effects on my schoolwork. I do try harder in school because I realize all of the activities I participate in are definitely a privilege and maintaining my grades would affect that.”

After-school activities also teach our Jags multiple life lessons that have improved their school work greatly.

Kristin Stull, senior and member of the choir and improv club, said: “The fine arts department has definitely helped me out with my time management.”  Along with Stull, Mariela Gomez, drum major, said: “Band has taught me that it takes time and practice to get better at something. It has also taught me to have patience, lots and lots of patience.”

According to students, extracurricular activities are beneficial to their school performance. While these activities require a great amount of time and effort, they ultimately help students perform better in school.