Cannot forget 9/11

Brisa Escareno, Staff Writer

After the tragic day of September 11, 2001, citizens continue to reunite and remember loved ones on the anniversary. Several sculptures were made in memory of lost loved ones which now stand in place of the World Trade Center. The three thousand names of men, women, and children that tragically passed are now written in bronze on parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools. Another memorial that stands is a sculpture given to the United States by the Russians as a gift that was originally known as “Tear Of Grief”. This controversial sculpture shows a tower with major destruction in its mid-section and a huge tear right in its’ center. The sculpture now carries the official title “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism”.

        The Pentagon is another site of the 9/11 attack where two hundred people were also tragically killed. The youngest victim of this attack was a three year old child, according to The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. This building was quickly rebuilt in less than a year, the hearts and souls of families are still hurting.

      United Flight 93 that was destined to fatally crash into the White House is still an unsolved mystery. The plane crashed in a field at the edge of a strip- mining quarry in rural Pennsylvania, about two miles north of Shanksville, PA, in Stony Creek township. Some theories say that the passengers fought against the terrorists to try to regain control of the plane after it had been hijacked and after a physical confrontation the terrorists decided to just bring down and fatally crash the plane into the ground killing all of its forty passengers.

        September 11, 2001 was one of the darkest days for the United States and the worst terror attack in U.S. history. Another way to remember all of the innocent people

whose lives were unfairly taken away is by granting them a moment of silence.