ASB goals


Sheyla Barajas, Staff Writer

Plans for the future

ASB has a Jagtastic goal for the year: ‘It being to change lives and positively impact futures.”

They would like to give students on campus the best high school experience possible.

ASB plans to reach this goal with creativity, dedication, organization, hard work and focusing on what the school needs in order to give the best high school experience to Jags on campus.

“..Definately being advocate for what the students want; not students in ASB, but everyone as a whole,” states, Roy Pizano, Executive Board Vice president.

This is Ms.Munoz’s largest class, with a total of 64 people and they are all on board for the same goal: to have a successful year and giving students on campus the best four years of their life.

“I have 64 people that incorporated into the school, 64 people that are helping me reach this goal, and 64 people that are helping me spread this positivity,” said Vanessa Lepe, Executive Board President.

They are the backbone of all the students on campus and the faculty. ASB supports all clubs and programs, but they also need our support and positivity to keep them moving forward towards their goal.