Exercise is the brain’s best friend


Karina Carabez, Staff Writer

Exercise is required for maintaining a healthy lifestyle; however people are not fully informed about the specific benefits exercise has on the brain.

In previous years, there has been studies that have shown exercising the brain improves the ability to remember and learn especially when it comes to challenging material.

Specific types of exercises that can lead to these benefits are aerobic exercises (cardiovascular) which are exercises that cause harder breathing and a faster heart rate. Exercising right after a study session can help the new information integrate to long-term memory.

  A local neurologist at the San Antonio Hospital states that, “Exercise causes the blood flow to circulate faster to the brain which provides large amount of oxygen to pass through, in which promotes cell growth.”

According to psychology.about.com, “Experts suggest that exercise not only gives learning an important boost…it also triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine hormones that help improve attention.”

 Physical exercise is one of the few examples that can help benefit the brain, but there are also mental exercises that do not require any physical practice that can still enhance brain functions.

In a 2015 Fox News interview, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, said that, “Brain hacks” like creativity can enhance brain functions. “There are two different ways to enhance your creativity.” She went on to state, “One, take the things you do the same way over and over and try and do them a different way and the second category is try completely new things. So all of these things can basically help build new pathways in the brain.”

Incorporating exercise in your lifestyle is one of the few things that can maintain mental sharpness and aerobic exercise is proven to be the best kind because of the increasing of the blood flow to the brain. The brain is an important organ and should be taken in consideration.