Freddy Syndrome

The effect of Brugada syndrome and mythology

The effect of Brugada syndrome and mythology

Abraham Rivera, Staff Writer

The famous Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Wes Craven, was inspired by a story Wes Craven read. The story was about a Cambodian family, who escaped their homeland to come here to the United States. After they came here, their son kept getting horrible nightmares of this man. One night the parents heard their son screaming, then they found out that he had died.

The little boy had Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome(SUDS). But now we call it, Brugada syndrome. This syndrome is an inherited heart rhythm disorder and it is a mutation in the gene SCN5a. This gene controls sodium ions that go into heart cells, the ions generate an electrical field the controls the heartbeat. When the flow fails, the heartbeat becomes irregular.  Brugada syndrome is disproportionately linked to people of Southeast Asian descent. And this adds to the mythology of sleep demons.

Now doctors can identify the syndrome by looking at ECG patterns. And if it a really bad case, they can treat those cases, by putting electrical implants. Soon, doctors will be able to cure Brugada syndrome for good.


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