Jaguar Fall Athletics


Keven Michel, Staff Writer

It is autumn. The time for our Jaguar athletic teams to begin their league competition. Each team had to face a diverse number of opponents in the pre-season, which includes a number of difficulties and tryouts for new athletes.

From the Ontario High School Football Team going 4-1 for the first time in years, to the boy’s water polo being the first team to play in a brand new pool this 2015-2016 is bound to bring season bring many surprises.

The sports in the fall season include: boys and girls cross country, girls tennis, volleyball, boys water polo and football.  Each of these sports have committed athletes that dedicate their time every day before and/or after school to achieve their ultimate goal, to win.

However, the Captain leads the team through each game by example and empowering his or her teammates.

For every captain in each sport, a common goal is shared. The attainable goal can be made in the beginning or throughout the season. For example, the captain of Ontario football team, Cameron Poe, says his goal for his team is,“ To win and go to CIF.”

Football’s pre-season started with major highlights, most importantly going 3-0. After reviewing their expectations in preseason, Poe explains “We did pretty good [during preseason], except Chino.” The football team lost to Chino 52-13. However, the Ontario football team improved their record after a victory over Jurupa Valley, 35-0.

The same expectations are shared between the water polo and girls tennis captains. Captain of the Water polo team, Armando Martinez responded, “ At first, we didn’t do so great but we began improving towards the end.”

Megan George, captain of the girls Tennis team is proud of her team’s performance so far, “ We won 3-4 games [which was] really fun. Coach changed the lineup and this benefited us for the season.”

George’s goal for her team is to “make it to CIF”. Martinez also replied with, “ I want to win a couple of games and hopefully make it to CIF.”

For every captain of each sport a common goal is shared. Whether it is volleyball or cross-country, the goal is to win and hopefully make CIF.

This season, make sure to support all the Ontario High sports.