Beverly Hotel on Euclid Haunted?



The Hotel Beverly was at one time a certified Haunt on Unfortunately, it was falling apart badly so it was demolished in the early 1990s. However, it was recently rebuilt and is currently home to business offices and people who rent some of the rooms in the establishment. The Beverley hotel is now known as the Beverly Banquets due to new ownership and remodeling. According to our research the building has been vacant since 2007, until it’s current use as a party hall.

Residents and community members have claimed that the Beverley Hotel, located on 112 S Euclid Ave Ontario, is haunted. On September 26, five Jagwire Staff members went to investigate these alleged claims of haunting.

Before we started the investigation we were under the impression that the hotel was vacant and rat/roach infested with a few trespassers in the building. To our surprise, the building’s interior was actually quite nice.

Upon arrival, while we were waiting outside for the receptionist to let us in, one of our walkie-talkies broadcasted what seemed to be screams of horror. Then the same sound was broadcasted when we left the building. Could this be the work of ghosts?

1st floor

As we entered the first floor it had an unusual smell that can be compared to that of the elderly.

The room was dim, lighted by one single chandelier, and the walls were paper-thin.

The first floor was crowded and had limited space. Its only purpose is to lead to the second and third floor. In the back, there is a locked staircase and an out-of-service elevator. Resident Lisa claims that someone died in the elevator, which is why it is no longer in use. Bikes, brooms, and trash block these passageways reinforcing that no one should be going in.

The scariest thing we discovered was an unusual key that fit the staircase door but did not actually open the door.

2nd floor

When walking up the stairs, the steps felt hollow and on the verge of breaking. This was true for one of the steps; it had been split through the middle but was still intact. 

The hallways on the second floor were long and narrow. In the halls of the floor, one spot creaked when you stepped on it. Is this a sign of ghosts in the building? Probably not, it is most likely poor workmanship or a result of the normal cycle of seasonal contraction and expansion.

There were two vacant rooms. One had articles of clothing scattered on the floor and trash while the other had an old television box and juice spilled on the floor. We figured this was the work of a trespasser rather than ghosts.

 Although we did not encounter any ghosts, we were terrified of a mysterious green substance near the piping on the second-floor roof.

3rd floor

Resident Lisa states, “I have heard about a little girl, that died, she fell off the window from the third floor. I have also heard noises, but I do not know if it is ghosts or what it is”

We were denied access to the third floor and the basement for an unknown reason. Could it be because it is haunted?  We called to get access, but the receptionist said there was not anything up there besides offices.

80% residents we encountered did say the establishment is haunted or have heard ghastly noises. One resident states: “I have been here the longest, but honestly since I moved in sometimes you hear stuff.”

Although we cannot explain the strange screams we heard upon entering and exiting the building, we came to the conclusion that the Beverly Banquet is not haunted. At least… that’s what the ghosts would want us to think.