Halloween Carnival Review


Abraham Rivera, Staff Writer

Every year at Ontario high school we have a Halloween Carnival. It is very popular and well known among the students and the community. At the carnival, there were multiple booths. Such as NHS, ASB, Latin Club, Pride Club and Promise Scholars etc. Clubs and organizations were able to use the two nights of the carnival to raise money and inform people about upcoming dates to consider.

The hype of it all started with the announcement that the girls varsity volleyball team made it into CIF, the girls just finished their game against Colony at the start of the carnival. There were two different mazes. One that went through the visual and performing arts department and the other one was outside in one of the hallways between buildings A and B. The one that went through the visual and performing arts department was called Haunted Hallways. (Other mazes name) went through a small portion of the hallway that is outside of the A building. The mazes were home of Slenderman, Voldemort, creepy dolls,clowns and so much more. Freshman, Kessie Wright states that,” The Haunted Hallways maze scared me the most. It was realistic and the drama students did a great job playing their parts. The chainsaw guy scared me so much, but it was so much fun that I look forward to the maze next year.”

So the Halloween Carnival was amazing with all of the food and games and obviously the mazes. No wonder this is so popular. It is so much fun.