Columbo Against The Tribes

Columbo Against The Tribes

Logan Roldan, Staff Writer

Many people are beginning to agree with the idea of changing Columbus day.

For those who don’t know, Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer, and a citizen of the Republic of Genoa. He accidently stumbled upon a new island, off the coast of what is now North America. He made the accidental discovery after he suggested sailing west to reach East India in a quicker manner of time. He set up a colony, on Columbia, thinking he was in India and enslaved many Natives.

Up until the day he died, he claimed to have found an island off the coast of India. Over the years, many were taught that “the great Christopher Columbus” “discovered” a “New World”. Recently the public has started to acknowledged that they wanted to inherit the land, Christopher Columbus and his crew but the only problem was that people already there, so they tried to eradicate the indigenous tribes and also worked to enslave the population. As a result this truth, many people had turned against the idea of celebrating Columbus Day.Furthermore, the Native Tribes have never really been recognized in a part of National holiday.

Even though we see the Natives as the ones in the past, we often look upon them as less than they are. The scrutiny of long ago still exists because of their humble demeanor.

There are many tribal members from all around. In fact, 2% of the population for the United States of America. Just on campus, we have four tribal families in Ontario High School. This creates a question on how they feel. What do they feel? How has this affected the?

Even though this is all history, many are pushing to end Columbus Day out and change it to Indigenous Peoples Day. This would give the respect to the people who were wronged so long ago.

Many people do already celebrate this unofficial holiday. These people celebrate this day on October 12th, instead of on Columbus Day. Cities that already celebrate this holiday are Berkeley, California and Denver, Colorado.

In protest of Columbus Day, Denver, Colorado, is celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day. They believe in showing the United States that they need to recognize the ones that were here before the United States existed. Various groups have been trying to official implements Indigenous Peoples Day since 1977 but have not been successful.