Bold Buns

Bold Buns

Kathy Martinez, Staff writer

Getting into the fall spirit, Burger King released a limited time Halloween Whopper for $4.99. This burger seems to be a normal cheeseburger except it has black buns. Can these spooky burgers have a physical effect on a person?

Customers, of all ages, buying the special Halloween Whopper claimed that after eating the burger their feces turn out to be a very bright green. In fact, Buzzfeed posted a video on October 9th testing this theory — trying out the black sandwiches themselves.

However, in only one day they claimed to find themselves with very brightly colored waste. The taste, to most, is similar to a normal cheeseburger, but instead of ketchup these burgers had A1 sauce.

“Anything with food coloring will do that”, said Juana Chavez, a Burger King employee of 3 years. The burgers, according to her, had no serious effect. Having tried the Halloween Whoppers with her co-workers, they all agreed that they were delicious and they were fine.

The Halloween Whoppers were discontinued. Chavez claims that it was because customers were buying them so quickly not enough of them were made to sell (only about 500).

Sadly, these limited time burgers will not be sold again.