Ontario skate park coming soon?

Ontario skate park coming soon?

Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

  On September 25, 2015, Jaguar alumni, Johnathan Contreras, began a petition to have a skate park built in the city of Ontario. He is hoping to appeal to City Hall with a massive following and support from many local skateboarders and citizens.

The past few years have been quite dark for skateboarders in Ontario, mainly because the necessity of a skate park close to home. The nearest locations are at a minimum of about 4 miles, that would take nearly half an hour to arrive at their destination, which can be Montclair Skate park or Ruben S. Ayala Skate park.

However, there are some schools and city plazas which happen to have amazing and smooth flat ground with just perfect stair sets, ledges and rails but skateboarding in places like these have consequences, such as receiving a ticket from the Ontario Police Department for trespassing.

These citations shed a bad light on skateboarders. It makes the skateboarding community look like delinquents and criminals, when in reality these skateboarders are simply trying to express or improve their talent. Despite not having the means to grow as an athlete with no place near their homes to practice and become better at what they love. There is a general consensus who believe a skate park would reduce the amount of trespassing done by skateboarders, while offering them a location to master the sport.

This skate park could be a very good change in our community as a whole. To begin with, business owners and school officials who do not appreciate skateboarders must agree that a new skate park would decrease damage done to their property of years of constant skateboarding. Additionally, skateboarders don’t have to travel so far to have a skate session  that will last around 1-2 hours before they give out and have to rest from pure exhaustion.

If you would like to help out in the advancement of this movement, you can find the petition at: