Keven Michel, Staff writer

Taiwanese based smartphone manufacturer, HTC, just released a new flagship model phone, the HTC One A9. The new model sports an all-metal body finish, which resembles that of an Iphone 6s. Actually, the One A9 has the same metal back and rounded corners with two antennas crossing the back and a protruding camera lens in the top rear of the phone. Before you call this an iPhone copycat, HTC claims it was the first to make the all-metal Android smartphone before Apple with the HTC M7. Spec wise, the One A9 features mid-range specifications which is proved by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617, 64 bit octa-core chip. With a 5 inch, full HD 1080p Gorilla Glass display, the One A9 is a smaller phone than most Android phones in the smartphone market. Perhaps what is different from the One A9 is the availability of Android Marshmallow (6.0), the first Android phone to be released with the new operating system besides Google’s Nexus products. The specs may not be so impressive compared to many flagships this year, however the improved camera, software and a price of $499 makes the One A9 a mid-spec phone in iPhone clothes.


Youtube Red: Pay to Watch for Free

If you hate advertisements but love Youtube, get your wallet ready for Youtube Red.

Youtube has announced a subscription service which allows you to pay $9.99 a month to watch any Youtube video ad-free. This experience also allows users to download content onto a smartphone and watch the video when internet is not available. Youtube hopes their new subscription service will compete with video streaming apps such as Vine and Twitch. The revenue made will allow Youtube to pay Youtube Stars such as PewDiePew to make exclusive content to online subscribers. Even though Youtube makes a majority of its revenue from advertisements, their new subscriptions service is projected to increase revenue. A new dawn of subscription-based content is on its way.


Check yo’self before you post: Facebook’s new search bar

Before, the search bar on top of your Facebook page was simply a normal search bar to find your friends or friends of friends. Now it has evolved from searching up names, brands and pages, to searching for what you have post. Any post on your Facebook Timeline can be easily found with a simple search. Facebook, to counter privacy concerns, has easily developed a step-by-step guide to ensuring your privacy on the internet. The good news is Facebook allows you to check your past post and gives you the option to allow who can see certain posts. A reminder for everyone to be safe on the internet and check what you post before posting it.