Jags Left the Den

Karina Carabez, Staff writer

Ontario High School and Chaffey High School have collaborated in the past three years for an event known as the Catwalk, is a charity walk that takes place in Ontario. In the past, Catwalk participants from OHS followed a planned route to meet with CHS and merge together to continue the fundraising walk. With the allocated money that is raised by participants and donors it helps provide OHS students in need with sports physicals, AP tests, clothes, food, yearbooks and even bus passes.

       This year will be different because we no longer need the extra help from CHS. On November 7th, at 3:00 pm for the first time ever, OHS will be holding this event alone and calling it the Jagwalk.

History teacher and volleyball coach Chelsea Veldman, who is a part of organizing this event states, “This year we decided to go ahead and do it [Jagwalk] on our own because we felt confident in knowing how it works and how it runs. We wanted to be independent and have it be our own thing and not necessarily do it with Chaffey this year.”

        It will be a new experiment for the student body, especially for the seniors. Veldman states, “We hope the senior class takes charge of and takes the lead on [this] as far as leaving like their legacy for the school and giving back to the school,” due to the fact that it is also a community service project for them.

      Throughout the course of partnering with CHS, OHS has developed enough experience to proceed with this fundraising event independently. The purpose remains, but a new tradition begins.