Jag Alumni: Where are they now?

Carina Hernandez, Editor

Astronaut Edition

During his years at Ontario High, Victor Glover was just like any other student trying to get the hang of high school life. Like many students, Glover struggled to balance his school work with his extracurricular activities.

However in the back of Glover’s mind, a childhood memory lay resting, fueling his drive for success. That memory was of Glover watching a space shuttle launch on TV. From that moment on he knew one day he wanted to be the one inside the space shuttle on a launch pad. But first he had to get through high school!

In high school, Glover took a mix of college prep and AP classes being particularly fond of AP Bio and Calculus. He was also part of the football, wrestling, and track & field teams.

Throughout his high school years, Glover learned important lessons about responsibilities and prioritizing when it came to school work. However, even with his busy schedule, Glover focused on achieving his dreams.

He understood the importance of education and the impact it would have on his future, with this in mind he studied his way through the PSAT and became a National Achievement Scholarship Finalist, leading him to various scholarship offers.

Glover also used his passion for sports to his advantage. Working his way to rank number 6 in the state for wrestling, he received a wrestling scholarship to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

After accepting this offer to attend one of the top engineering schools in California, Glover’s strive for academic excellence continued. As a first generation minority college student, Glover struggled to find his place. Again in the face of adversity, Glover never gave up. He learned to use his resources and became an active member in his community.

Once graduating from college, Glover’s career in the Navy and Test Pilot school became the pathways that eventually led him to his ultimate goal of becoming an astronaut.

Looking back, Glover recalls one event in particular that truly inspired him to make the final decision to apply as an astronaut for NASA. It was at a Test Pilot Convention where Glover had the opportunity to listen to Pamela Melroy, one of the few women to command the Space Shuttle, speak about her career as an astronaut. Glover says, “Listening to her talk about how great it was working with her team and how impressed she was with their abilities and teamwork really motivated me to apply.”

From a childhood fantasy to a reality, Glover is now a proud member of NASA. Being part of NASA has given Glover the opportunity to visit each NASA center as well as Japan, Canada, and Germany to learn more about their international partners. Glover has also undergone various training that has included: robotics, jet flight training, and Russian Language training.

The journey from Ontario High to NASA may not be easy, but Victor Glover has proven that it is possible. Like many of us who wish to be among the stars, we can look to Glover for inspiration.

Lastly, in regards to anyone pursuing their dreams, Glover has some advice to offer, “Get good at something hard, like playing a musical instrument, calculus, drafting/drawing or a foreign language and then challenge yourself like that frequently. You will wind up with a great capacity to acquire skills of any kind.  And no matter what you pursue, be a lifelong learner and be a good person.  If you work on those three things you will develop a healthy sense of what success really is and that key in achieving success.”

If interested in knowing more about Glover’s space adventures and upcoming missions follow him at https://twitter.com/VicGlover