Tech Bytes December


  USB Type C

Imagine not having to input your USB cable in your computer or phone. Imagine having a cable that speeds up power and also increases data transfer. USB type C is a cable that increases both upload speeds, battery performance, and reversibility.

The new type C features reversibility, which means it can be inserted to a phone or computer without having to struggle with inserting the wrong side of the cable in. Also, USB type C features greater upload speeds than the average micro USB, which is famously used by all Android product and currently the most used portable USB cable in the industry.

We have already seen the glimpse of type C with the release of the Apple Macbook 2015, which the laptop only features a single, controversial, USB type C port. Apple claims that the single port can handle power, data transfer and support for an additional screen.  

As more companies begin to implement the new USB type, some, like Google, have proved that type C is the future. With the release of the Nexus 6P and 5X, Google added a USB type C input for its devices and claims its increase of faster charging. Although correct, both phones have increased battery performance; however the company faces one issue: the correct cables for the correct products.

As USB type C joins the industry, engineers now face the challenge of using the correct cables for their devices. For example, the Oneplus company, which manufactures the Oneplus Two and One Plus X, uses a USB type C connector cable that is not compatible with other third-party products. The issue with using the wrong cable could result in harming the product.

Micro USB and USB type A have been around for a large amount of time, and is widely used around the world as a go-to-standard for many products in emerging markets and in large consumer markets. Predictions based on new products released by major companies, such as Google and Samsung, hint that 2016 can be the year the USB type C is implemented by large quantities in the technology industry.