Stray Pets

Valerie Sanchez-Cervera, Staff Writer

Stray pets are often taken to shelters where they are vaccinated and able to be adopted, or, if the pet is considered aggressive or very sick, it is put down.
A study in the Medicine National Institutes of Health explains that pet owners are allowing the reproduction of pets in such numbers that they often do not have money to afford them. In fact, the owners will spend money, in the form of advertising, to make arrangements of finding them homes easily.
West End Shelter For Animals, located at 1010 E. Mission Blvd, does not only offer the services of vaccinating animals, but also aids in finding a home for them. Their mission statement is: “Provide a non-kill alternative to pet owners (pet housing and adoption); offer low cost vaccination services to help reduce suffering, disease and death; and promote the spaying or neutering of pets to reduce the number of unwanted surplus animals.”
West End Shelter For Animals’ goal is to provide a temporary home where owners can turn their pets in for adoption, rather than let them loose on the street where they can become injured.
Pets are safer at the shelter than on the loose. They have been able to place over 800 pets with loving pet owners all over South California through referrals, financial contributions, social media and other outreach programs.
If you are at least 18 years old, you can volunteer, help groom the pets, taking them out on walks and help organize adoption events or fundraisers.