Look at Me Now


Eva Magaña, Editor

Imagination can lead someone to taking a simple carboard box and turning it into

something not so simple. Back in 2011, nine year old Caine Monroy was known for having his

famous cardboard arcade. That summer, Caine used his father’s discarded boxes to build and

design arcade games. Caine designed all the games himself and included tickets and a prize

redemption system that he built.

Caine’s Arcade lacked visitors as his friends at school never believed that there was an

arcade in his father’s store. But this boy could not go unnoticed.

Film maker Nirvan Mullick walked into Caines father’s auto shop for a door handle came

out with the story of Caine Monroy.Mullick was inspired by Caine. He decided to make an

eleven minute film which got over 2 million views and raised, up to date, $241,658.36 that will

go towards Caine’s scholarship fund.

We would like to think Caine’s arcade would never go “out of business,” but Caine had

other plans. He said in an interview with NBC, that he wishes to open up a bike shop.

This rising investor changed his passion from cardboard to bikes after the two summers

of working the arcade. After getting a new bike he revamped his old one and that was where his

inspiration bloomed. Caine has broadened his entrepreneurship and opened up a bike shop and a

Caine’s Bike Shop Facebook page, that has thousands of views.

It seems that the last post was in early August of 2015, although we do not see much

action from his bike shop, Caine is certainly all over the place.

From visiting schools to having his own TEDxTeen talk session and being offered a

full­scholarship by the Dean of Colorado State University Business School, one thing certainly

stands . Caine has a bright future ahead of him.