Reading the Stars

Daniel Flores, Staff Writer

Whether you are a Virgo, Libra, Leo or any of the other nine signs, you have a clue of what sign you fall under.
Depending on your zodiac sign, it can describe some characteristics you have, including a prediction of your day/year, or compatibility with other zodiac signs.
But there are more forms of horoscopes. Another common zodiac prediction used is the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac classifies a person by the Chinese lunar calendar.
According to, depending on the year you were born, the Chinese zodiac categorizes people with animals. Similar to the common horoscope sign we mostly use in the United States, it puts people into 12 different animal categories. Use of the Chinese Zodiac is to determine whether or not the two people are compatible, in a romantic relationship or any other kind of relationship.
Another form of horoscope is the Druid (or Gallic) horoscope. This one is not as common but has been around for over 2000 years. It can also be called Gallic. Unlike the regular horoscope and the Chinese zodiac, the Druid zodiac classifies people in 22 different categories with trees. Some trees are jasmine, oak, lime and apple tree. Similar to the other two forms of horoscopes, it can also determine couple compatibility.