Le Nouveau Professeur

Mariana Ortega, Staff Writer

Ontario High School a un nouveau professeur de français. In other words, Ontario High School has a new French teacher. Meet Mr.Taylor! One of the several new additions to our staff.
Similar to our new chemistry teacher, Ms. Moore, Mr.Taylor came from Montclair and was not transferred either. He applied as a French teacher after teaching English in his preceding job.
When asked about the reason behind his choice of teaching language, Mr. Taylor stated, “I’ve always had a passion for languages and literature. For me, literature is an expression of language, a way to tell stories, create art.”
His goal as a French teacher, and a teacher in general, is to help students gain confidence, especially in a foreign language, as he acknowledges that sometimes speaking it can be intimidating. However, helping the students gain confidence is what helps them ease up and have fun. He also does not fail to mention that everyone is special in his eyes and he wants his students to feel special in their own skin. He states, “I think everyone’s unique. Everyone has their own set of talents and abilities and the educational process itself is about discovering what those are and learning to apply them.”
We have the pleasure of getting to know him as a teacher, and although his jobs have been mostly related he hasn’t always carried the title “french teacher.” He was once a tutor right out college for elementary, middle and high school students.
Mr. Taylor had the opportunity to go overseas to Kazakhstan, Russia and teach English there. After teaching in Russia for a year he came back and taught English as a Second Language(ESL) which eventually led him into teaching English at the high school level.
It may be hard to believe, but teachers actually do have lives outside of school. For example, Mr. Taylor mentions that he plays both the electric and acoustic guitars, along with the bass, the mandolin, and soon he will learn to play the banjo.
He has played in bands before including a “Teacher band at Montclair” and at his church where he is very involved and also plays guitar on Sunday mornings.
Another interesting thing about our French I instructor is that he does not only speak English and French. He also speaks some Spanish, although he specifies that he is better at understanding than at speaking it. In addition to Spanish, he can speak Russian and even German!
One of the things he has enjoyed since becoming a Jaguar is the cozy campus. He enjoys the fact that it is small and not as crowded. He says,“It’s a bonus.” Most importantly though, he enjoys our school spirit. He realizes it is intense and is appreciative of it.
If you have not met him; you are missing out! He’s a great new addition to the Jag Staff and here at Ontario we are thrilled to have someone like him.