Music Club of Ontario

Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

Ontario High School has been home to some very impressive clubs over the years, but the most recent may be the most interesting.
The Music Club of Ontario, is an organization where young talented artists can improve their musical talents. The club focuses on producing music at a low cost, however they also do many outstanding things.
Aside from music, they make videos for most of the music they create. Yes, they write their own lyrics and produce their own beats/songs. They have amazing technology like green screens, sound mixers, as well as instruments and microphones.
There are various questions about the club, which Club adviser Mr. Mangione was willing to answer. Mr. Mangione stated “I did. I have always loved music. Kids think it’s difficult to make music, but once they realize how easy it is, they can realize their dreams…”
Our goal is to let students openly express their musical interests freely and without judgement and also allow for them to realize their musical potential.” This school year, MCO plans to make a video to help motivate the Junior Jag Nathan Reyes as he fights Leukemia.
There is much anticipation to see what becomes of this club in the near future. Members and bystanders alike are excited to see fellow students reach impressive heights in the world of entertainment.